M1 and a hole?

I am just embarking on a pattern with M1 and am discovering holes in my knitted work. I am using the method of picking up between the stitches. Is it me or my M1?

It’s your technique. For a M1, pick up the bar between stitches, grab it from front to back, then knit into the back loop to twist the stitch, thereby avoiding a hole. If you do not twist the stitch, it’s technically a yarn over.

Which, by the way, is good to know if you are knitting a pattern with yarn overs. If you forget a yarn over on the previous row, pick up that bar and do not twist it to add the yarn over without having to rip out or unknit. :wink:

Yes, it did seem like I was really only accomplishing a yarn over; but I thought I was following my instructions. I will try your method. I am much better at using the videos on this site, but I still was not getting it - not without a hole --! Thanks for your help.