M1 abbreviation help?

I am working on a baby jacket that has this abbreviation in it…M1…it is explained as “make a backward loop and place it on the right hand needle” Seems pretty easy huh? Well, not to me. Whatever is a backward loop? all I can think of is a yarn over, or a cast on. It’s a pretty easy pattern, other than that and there will be minimal sewing of seams afterward (which for me is a big plus). I hope someone can help me because I just know it will be a favorite pattern for me once I get this figured out…if it helps, here is the url

Thank you

Hi M1 is Make 1 or Make One…if you go to this glossary of Amy’s there is a video that I believe will help you with how M1F and M1B are usually done:


However, in your pattern in may simply be that you wrap in the opposing direction to how you do a yo (just reading the simple pattern description you offered). Someone else may know.

Yes, looking at the pattern I believe it is making a loop running from front to back - opposite of a yarn over.

Swatch a small section and see how that presents?

The backward loop CO is shown in the Cast on videos under basic help. It’s like a yo with a twist in it.

This sort of M1 is one of my favorite increases and I use it a lot. :thumbsup: Here is how I do it. (I knit Continental, but I don’t think that matters.) Put the working yarn in your left hand, then working up near the tip of the right hand needle take the yarn coming from the skein and fold it back on the yarn as it comes from the needle so that it forms a cursive “e”, with the yarn coming from the skein ending up on top. Now take the tip of the right hand needle and stick it through the center of the loop of the “e”. Then snug up the loop by pulling on the yarn that goes to the skein.

You will develop a simple way to fold it after a few tries, I kind of catch the yarn with my left thumb and use my thumb to fold the yarn over and stick it on the needle. It is very easy once you figure it out.

I hope that makes sense.

Merigold…I SO want to understand that but I don’t. If you do know a visual online that’s available I’d love to see that in action or in a diagram or picture set. Could you do one if you have a digital?

It’s also called backward loop and Amy has a video.

If this is really confusing for you, keep in mind that M1 is usually used for another type of increase, and any other increase should work fine (although a plain/untwisted yo will make a row of decorative holes/eyelets) as a substitute.

This page has a diagram of backwards looping, scroll way down until you see the title… about 1/3 down.