M 1 stitch at beginning or row?

I know how to make 1 right, Make 1 left, but I have never made a stitch right at the beginning of the row!
I cannot find anything on the internet. Help!

It doesn’t have to be at the very edge, you can put it between the first and 2nd sts. Or use a knit front and back (kfb) in the first st. These are all shown on the Increases page.

Even if the pattern called for it at the very beginning of the row, I always put it one stitch in, keeping the edge stitches neat, especially if there will be any seaming going on… unless there is a darn good reason for it to be on the very edge. So far, none of my patterns have had a good enough reason for me to not choose to work the first stitch and then do the increase.

Even kfb done on the first stitch puts the new one between it and the 2nd, so it’s basically the same thing.

My post was not regarding the kfb, but a general statement that I always do my increase (or decrease) 1 stitch in.

And my reply was that a kfb is an increase that actually ends up one st in. If you do it on the next st, it’s 2 sts in from the edge.

I did a pattern once where I had to do a yarn-over at the beginning of every row. (It was a simple triangle shawl.) I just put the yarn across the needle once before I started knitting each row, and it worked just fine. Felt kinda weird though.

But, suzeeq is right about the kfb.

Does the pattern specify what kind of M1 to use?