LYS, What a thrill!

Ive been knitting for a few years and have never been in a bonified yarn shop. Saturday our small knit group took a field trip to Lodi, Ohio. We visited The Black Locust Farm knit shop and didn’t want to leave!!! The shop owner was so attentive to all of our needs and was so patient as we asked her questions and browsed. We were in yarn heaven and I swear I had to touch every yarn in there!!! Her shop was so bright (big windows) and friendly. If you’re ever in Lodi don’t miss a chance to drop in and chat with Cathy Kaltenbach, you’ll be glad you did!!! AND if you have time for lunch, just up the street is a wonderful restaurant called The Lighthouse!! We had our lunch there and enjoyed every bite. Very friendly and VERY reasonably priced!! :slight_smile:

:lol: Yeah, real yarn stores are awesome! I go to a social knitting group at our LYS always on Friday and sometimes on Tuesday. :thumbsup: