LYS virgin NO MORE!

I had always gone to Micheals and thought that there has got to be more yarns than this, especially after all the posts I had seen here! So I found a site that has all the LYS’s here in San Diego County from the north on down and picked one that was fairly close. WOW! I never even imagined there were this many different types of yarn :shock: I wondered around looking at the yarns and checking out a couple of books. Then I thought since I drove all this way, I had better figure out what I wanted to buy. I just made me a mini washcloth and thougt that I would make one for both my daughters so I picked out 2 balls of Knit One Crochet Two Cotonade in Red and Pink. I also picked up a set of Brittany birch needles sz 3. Just those 3 items came to almost $20 and I guess that was cheap cause when I was walking out the door I saw some yarn that was close to $30 for one ball! And I have already forgotten what type of yarn it was (donegone short term memory!) And they had all sorts of different sizes of Addi’s, someday I will get me some but not until I think I “deserve” them (as in I need to knit some more! :XX:).

There are some more LYS’s I want to check out before I move, but I will go in them with a project in mind, DH would kill me if I bought a bunch of knitting stuff with no purpose in mind. I can understand now when I read about you ladies (and gents!) leaving a LYS and spending $100 or so easily. :rofling:

It’s not hard to go overboard in a nice yarn shop–some things are just too pretty to leave behind! I admire your restraint. :rofling:

:cheering: Isn’t it grand? Hope you find some more great LYS to visit!

:thinking: Ahh…memories…I remember the 1st trip to a yarn shop…you walk around in amazement, breathing in the knitting vibes…such bliss :inlove:

I just visited my LYS today. Despite being sick, I just had to go. I try not to go more than once a month. That way, I don’t get yarn just because it looks nice. I go with a purpose. I definitely don’t buy anything but yarns, books and patterns. I can get the needles cheaper at AC Moore or online. Today I got Cascade 220 for a scarf and for a felt purse. Walked away 50 dollars poorer. But a lot happier. :smiley: