LYS Shop closed

Dear fellow knitters,

something horrible happened.

I noticed it before, already. It seemed strange. Everytime I passed near the LYS, it was closed. Then, someday, I went by and saw that there were other things than yarn inside…

Then, later yet, I come by again only to find hair products…

That’s so shocking. It was probably the only knitting café around here, and the ladies there were always nice and helpful.

Too bad…

There are other LYS around, but I don’t like them as much, and they are further away. And one of them only carries acrylic and the man who works there isn’t exactly friendly.
The other one is small, with expensive yarns and a very old lady.


I’m so sorry and I completely feel your pain. My very favorite yarn store - mother/daughter owned - closed a couple of years ago. I was making the rounds to other yarn stores trying to find a friendly group of knitters and was so sad. Finally a lovely lady opened a wonderful new LYS even closer to my house than the old one and I LOVE it. I should pay rent I spend all my free time there.

That really stinks! I wish I had a LYS, but the only thing in the tiny town I live in is a quilting store (and sometimes I get lucky at the thrift stores here, lol!). She actually does carry a small selection of yarns, though~Vanna Choice (acrylic) and Country, a merino and acrylic blend. So, not much, but its something :p~ and I would still be bummed if she closed!! Its a nice store.

I hope something else opens up for you closer by!

I feel your pain. We lost TWO local yarn stores this summer. Both owners retired. :frowning: It’s really sad. We have two more but out of them I really only like one of them.