LYS Sale

I love sales :slight_smile: My LYS had a great sale… yarn and patterns for $1, $2, $3; some noro 30% off, all kinds of goodies! I walked out with some yarn that had lost its label but that’s a gorgeous chunky yarn… also Noro Daria, two hanks of Noro Cash Island, and 5 ea of Katia Sevilla in a purple-ish and blue… yay! Right now I only have graphics of the colors, I’ll put better pics up tonight when I get home!
Not sure what I’m doing with the Cash Island- any suggestions? The little bowl from One Skein Wonders that uses Daria is in the works… I think it’s so cute! The Katia is going to be used for some sort of top for me, just gotta pick the right pattern. Think it might work for something that calls for Berocco Suede? Just a thought… it’s a cute color at least- especially since $5 got me enough for a cute top!!

Gotta love sales :thumbsup:

Very nice haul!

Here are better pictures… hehe… overslept a bit and I’m finally getting around to posting…


Love the cat