LYS in Phoenix or Scottsdale?

I am going to a conference in Scottsdale AZ next Sun-Tue and was thinking that if there is a really good LYS, I should try to pop by.

Any suggestions? I am kind of yarned-out at the moment. I bought a bunch of Malabrigo and Karaoke at the K2P2 going out of business sale, then I bought a bunch of Classic Elite something-or-other while visiting Albuquerque (15% off sale, had to partake), plus my mom and I just went to Webs last weekend.

Still, if there’s a good LYS, I’d love to go. No reason to pass it up just because I don’t need yarn, right? :cool:

I have heard of Jessicaknits in Scottsdale, but have never been there personally.
I do go to the Fiber Factoryevery time I’m in AZ. I love it there. I used to live in Mesa, so went there often.