LYS in Las Vegas

Anyone know of a good one??? I’m heading out tomorrow morning!!

I’ve heard about two shops in Las Vegas, but I haven’t had the chance to visit either one yet. I wasn’t into knitting yet the last time I was in LV, in August.

Gail Knits - closed Sundays and Mondays, located on the west side of town.

Wooly Wonders - along with yarns they have spinning and weaving supplies, open Mondays, located on the east side off the 515 freeway.

Hope that helps!

I’m in Las Vegas. I’d heard of Gail Knits, but not the other place! I’m hoping to make it to one of them in the near future!

Thanks for the info. Unfortunately there was no time to get to a LYS. You know Vegas!!! But we did get to go to a rummage sale where I found a needle sizer I’ve been wanting, a half finished afghan (for frogging) and found some yarn at a thrift store for my “thrift store yarn from vacations” afghan!! so it worked out…and we also did well on the ponies!! :XX: