Lys closing :(

if anyone’s relatively local, i got an e-mail stating that not only is Saratoga Needle Arts (on the main drag in saratoga, NY) is CLOSING:waah: , but the business is also for sale. They’re having a 20% off sale on Jan. 2nd

dh is taking me shopping there before they close (i hope he’s ready for a chin drop… i LOVE their yarns! this also means that i’m going to have to now shop online for my favorite yarns as the big chain stores dont’ carry them :cry: )

If you’re in Port Jervis, isn’t there a closer yarn store to where you live than Saratoga Springs? I was in Flying Fingers in Tarrytown a few weeks ago and they had a great selection. I know there is a yarn shop in White Plains.

I live 20 minutes away from Saratoga and didn’t even know the store was there! Now they’re closing? :frowning: Do you know when they’re closing or anything about someone potentially purchasing the business to keep it open? I’d love to get there before they’re gone for good.

Bummer, but…my LYS was for sale for quite a while and was finally bought by a great new owner! There is hope!

i’m sure there are closer ones, i just haven’t had time to go out and explore. we’re still getting things situated from the move and everythigns’ crazy. I still go to saratoga when we go to visit dh’s kids and parents… or when we go up for racing season.

We lost two stores this summer. Both owners were retiring. One store was for sale for quite a while but with the economy the way it is and was, there were no takers. We still have three in the area though, so at least I have some choices other than online - not that I don’t buy online too. :slight_smile:

It’s always sad to see a LYS go under! :pout:

I’d probably go crazy if my LYS closed. There are only two that I’m aware of (where they actually sell yarn and not only school yarn/string), and even though one’s awfully expensive and the other’s on a really dangerous part of the city, I love them :slight_smile:

Saratoga is a nice town; I haven’t been there in awhile.

But where is my brain? There’s a great yarn shop 10 minutes from where you are; I can’t believe I didn’t think of it earlier. Guess I don’t think of Pennsylvania as being that close but to you it is.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I’ll be hitting it in a couple of weeks when i do some yarn shopping…

to give you an idea how close PA is… Drive right on main street and we’re in NJ (awesome gas prices!), drive left and we’re in PA :slight_smile:

Is it still for sale? Because if you can afford it, you could buy it! Possibly. I dunno, just throwing that out there. It would garrentee that it would still be a yarn store! OR you could have someone you know who buy it to garentee it would still be a yarn store.