LYS "class"

Would you be frustrated?

Several of us from my S&B group signed up to take this shawl class. One of the ladies there designed it. The only way to get the pattern is to take the class - 2 classes - total $30. Normally, I find that price just fine. First off our “teacher” was a good 45 min late to the class - said she thought it started 30 min later than it did plus she got caught in traffic. We handled it well with no “tudes.” Then she/they couldn’t find the “corrected” pattern so we got a copy of one with hand written corrections.

When we finally got around to starting it was a basic CO with basic increases until we got to the different techniques of dividing our stitches (for double knitting I think it’s called) for a “pocket,” then more increasing and finally short-rowing. By the time we completed the basic beginning and we needed help, it was time to leave. Now she didn’t end the class so to speak - said we could stay and work. But I didn’t plan on being there over 3 hrs for the class. I planned 2 hrs.

Fast forward to later in the evening at home - trying to decipher this pattern has been a challenge to say the least. Three of us (one who is 73 and has been knitting nearly all her life and has done some of everything) have had a devil of a time making sense of this pattern. It has taken all three of us to figure out what we’re supposed to do. The pattern is correct it’s just badly written - not easy to understand at all.

Another frustration - I’ve done short rows before (washcloth) but by the time I noticed the “holes” in my work (one of my S&B friends pointed it out b/c they are more noticeable with her yarn) it’s too late to rip it out and start again. (I’ve already done that once after using nearly 200 yds on ball 1 b/c of confusion with the pattern.) I researched how to avoid holes with short rows and found several techniques. I wish she had offered that option at our first class.

This lady is in her 80’s and told us she designed this pattern years ago. I also wish she had told us to start the project and be at the point where the different techniques were to be used. We could’ve saved two hours of just sitting there and doing basic knitting. I didn’t pay $15 to just sit there and knit. When asked what point we should be at for the 2nd class she said, “oh it doesn’t matter. Just wherever you are will be fine.” ??

Don’t get me wrong. She’s nice as can be and fun to be around but I thought I was paying for instruction. Basically I feel like I paid $30 for a poorly written pattern.

That is sooo disappointing! I hope you’ll at least end up happy with the finished product!

I am sorry that you had such a bad experience! Hopefully your shawl will turn out well and you will enjoy it for years to come.

She doesn’t sound very organized. And it is sad that the pattern isn’t clear. Personally, I work wrap & turn with short rows. Whether the pattern calls for it or not. So you spent $30 for a poorly written pattern & a disorganized class. Bummer.

YES I WOULD be frustrated!!!
I assume the 3 of you will be making mention of this on the next class?

Im sorry for your frustration too!!:grphug:


I think I would be a little mad as well. I imagine that you had to arrange for childcare while you spent your time up there, so you didn’t just have the time to spare. Anyone with small children would be irate on that count alone. I remember those days too well.

You spent money for a good or service and received less than advertised for that money. I’m the type of person who will not leave a tip for a bad waiter. I waited tables in college and the better service I gave, the better tips I got. I saw the correlation and worked accordingly. Now, if some of the other folks in that class complained to the shopkeeper about the amount of money you paid and the crap instruction your received, not to mention the instructors lack of attention to time and detail and the crap pattern, you may get some of your money back.

Also, don’t recommend that class to anyone. Just because she’s older does not mean that she should be given a pass on being inconsiderate and ill-prepared.

There is a big difference in being able to DO something well and being able to TEACH something well. Giving the benefit of the doubt here, I wonder if this lady is perhaps a regular at your LYS, and folks there assumed that because she’s a good knitter or a sweet person,that she was qualified to teach the class.

I believe the proper thing for you to do is go to the manager/owner of your LYS and kindly let her know what you’ve experienced with this class. I have no idea what their policy is on refunds and that sort of thing, but perhaps they’d refund your class fee or give you a credit for another class in the future. (It wouldn’t be good business to just say, “tough.” They want your business! But you never know.)

At the very least, they will have been warned, and perhaps would prevent this from happening in the future. If nobody speaks to them, they will continue to assume everything is fine!

Angela, thank goodness I don’t have to worry about childcare. My baby is 20. :slight_smile: You’re right though, that would have added another complication.

Lisa - we will definitely let the owner know how we feel about this “class.” I don’t know what their policy is on refunds for classes either and I don’t really expect one, but if we can make future classes for this particular pattern better that would be good. We really like most of the people who work at this store and I’ve taken other classes there that were much better organized. We lost two shops in our area last year, so we don’t want to burn any bridges - but it IS frustrating.

I believe the owner should be informed of the issue. After all, how can the problem be avoided in the future if she is not aware of it? A store credit would be in order here.

Here is my opinion about designers and teachers: some are great designers, some are great teachers…and it is a RARE thing that one person wears both hats. You can design, or you can teach. Not both. Each is a “gift” from God. I don’t think it can be learned.

IMHO, you were ripped off. I’m not suggesting “on purpose”, but the class was a monumental waste. The pattern was a waste, the “teaching” was a bigger waste.

I’ve been there, done that. Wasted money on classes. It is my BIGGEST PEEVE ever.

[I]LATE TO CLASS? [/I] :doh: She should have given a refund of $15 to everyone in attendance. I would have.

Even 10 minutes late is inexcusable. She should have set her timer to be there [B]30 minutes
early[/B] to set up her class, and gather her wits. [I] 45 minutes LATE? [/I]:pout: Oy vey!

If I’m takin’ money from folks, they are gonna get their money’s worth and then some.

I’m sure!! Me too - I’ve taught rubber stamping and scrapbooking classes (and taken them). It’s very frustrating - I know I would give five star service.

Totally agree with you! :thumbsup:

Right now I just wish I had a LYS, or a S&B group. I do understand your frustration though, thirty bucks is thirty bucks.

Hi! :waving:

I’m really sorry to hear about this situation. It’s such a disappointment to be expecting a whale of a good time among other knitters, learning a useful original pattern and possibly some new skills and then get left flat! Bummer!

I think what you ran into is that some folks can do beautiful work in their chosen art or craft but simply CANNOT teach it to others. Considering the age of this “teacher”, she probably learned at her mama’s knee without any formal training and then just invented from there. So, never really having been taught, she just lacks that particular ability to communicate in that fashion.

My mother did extraordinary crochet work and tried to teach me when I was about 10 years old. I couldn’t wait to learn! But she just couldn’t teach it. We both tried but finally I went to the dime store and got a little book on how to crochet, read the book and tried it out, got help from a neighbor and just watched my Mom. Finally it clicked and I’ve been crocheting for over a half century.

But the point is that you paid for the service in good faith and didn’t receive the advertised service, just got a lot of frustration. The yarn shop proprietor really needs to make some compensation for that and easiest for her would probably be to offer your group a free class where you can all settle down, have some enjoyment and get back to having good feeling about the shop.

Good luck and let us know how it goes!

Ruthie :hug: