LYS Between WI and Seattle?

Tomorrow morning I am heading out for Seattle from WI. I’ll be traveling along I-90. I’d like to find a shop where I can buy that great 6 skein pumpkin colored knitting bag (Michaels maybe?), but I’d also like to visit a LYS to shop for some nice yarn if there is one in a shopping center type place I can get into in my rig.

Any suggestions folks?

maybe you could go on the websites of popular craft stores like Michaels, Hobby Lobby, A. C. Moore, or Jo Ann Fabrics and run a search of the area you’ll be traveling to on the websites “store locator.”

hope that helps :wink:

Thanks madametj. I had thought of that, but they don’t really give one the important info like whether or not I can get in there in a big rig. That pretty much requires first-hand knowledge of the area and the parking lot.

oh, I hadn’t thought of that. sorry :shrug:

LOL don’t be sorry, I appreciate the effort. Thank you.

Most LYSs are located in downtown areas, so I don’t think it’d be easy to get a big truck there, unless they’re only a few blocks away from a large parking lot. I’m semi-acquainted with the western end of I 90, but I can’t think of where there might be a store nearby. Sorry.


I’m not sure what the Pumpkin knitting bag is, but there is a Michael’s just off of I-90. Exit at Sullivan going S. Then go East on Broadway. No problem with a truck.

15521 E Broadway Ave
Veradale WA 99037-9544

There is a very nice(but somewhat pricey) LYS called Holy Threads which is VERY close to I-90 but you would have to hope for street parking (not that impossible). 620 S. Washington

I’m not very good with other towns between Spokane and Seattle but towns like Wenatchee and Moses Lake may have shops.

There is a very nice(but somewhat pricey) LYS called Holy Threads which is VERY close to I-90 but you would have to hope for street parking (not that impossible). 620 S. Washington

Isn’t this downtown?

sue, who used to live really close to Spokane

Hi Suz!
It’s just S. of I-90 close to the hospitals. Where did you live? I’m up in Colbert.

I’ve got an option for you. I don’t know how long it will take you, but Billings, Montana is just off I-90 and they’ve got a few places that I’m pretty sure you can get your rig into.

If you go to Google maps then you can figure out the best directions for you to get to these places. But I’m going to put up links to pictures of the parking lots so you can see that you should be able to pull your rig in.

First there’s Michaels. The address is 2800 King Ave W # C, Billings, MT

Then there’s Joann’s. The address is 2545 Central Ave # A, Billings, MT (I’m not for sure if the building I have marked as Joann’s is actually Joann’s, cuz I’ve never been to it before. But going by the size of the building I would think that it is. If not, then it’s one of the other two buildings by it.)

And finally, the LYS I’ve been to up there. It’s called Wild Purls, and as you can see in the picture there is an abandoned building next to it that has a large parking lot. The address to it is 1343 Broadwater Ave. Suite 3 Billings, MT

Let me know if you need/want anymore info or help.

I lived in Sandpoint for 22 years, then I moved to Michigan 3 years ago. In September I moved to Wyoming. I get around…


hmmm. There is a Jo-Ann in MN really close to 694. It’s at Maplewood Mall with a big parking lot.
1739 Beam Ave
Maplewood, MN 55109-1128

There’s Sheepy Yarn Shoppe
2185 3rd Street
White Bear Lake
651.426.5463 a little north of 694. It would probably be street parking.

I’m not sure about stores in between. When I drove to Seattle I wanted to get there quickly. Coeur D’Alene ID was a nice place to stop for lunch on the last day, and its really pretty with that lake.

For stores in Seattle. I really like Weaving Works in the U district, so north of 90 and Little Knits in West Seattle, south west of the end of 90. Little Knits is in a residential neighborhood. I know there are a lot more that I haven’t been to yet.

I’m not sure if you’ve been this way before so check the conditions of Snoqualimie Pass ahead of time. From what I hear Seattle has had an unusual amount of snow (my first winter in the area) and they often require snow tires or 4 wheel drive to go over the pass. It’s weird for me because where I grew up the roads were plowed as soon as there was snow.

I just thought that if you’re not sure about a store you can look at a satalite picture on
For example,,+Seattle,+WA+98105&sa=X&oi=map&ct=title
is where Weaving Works is.
I hope I’m being helpful and not telling you stuff you already know…
Have a good trip.

I knew I could count on you folks for some good info. Thanks, I appreciate it. I’ll be checking out some of the stores you folks have listed to see which are likely access for me.

Thanks loads. :slight_smile:

I LOVE Sandpoint! We go to SPringy Point (campground just across the long bridge) several times each summer. Eichardts is my favorite restaurant (best beer on tap). There’s also a fabulous stained glass store there too.


Yeah, I miss parts of it, but have been able to make a living elsewhere. As a long time resident put it (about 20 years ago) “It’s the prettiest place in the world to go broke in!” When I moved, our intention was to move back someday, but now, I think the only way we could afford it is to win the lottery - big time! Home prices have gone up by $100K in the 3½ years since I left. Which is between 50-100%! I’m thinking up alternatives…


In case the Montana stops don’t work for you for any reason, I used to spend a fair amount of time near the Seattle area.

30 miles east of Seattle, about 1/2 mile north of I-90 in Issaquah is a Pacific Fabrics that has a fairly nice upper end yarn and supplies selection, although I doubt they have a staff that is that knowledgable about the yarns.

Should be no problem for a big rig as the road is a 4 lane road and they share a huge parking area surrounded on 3 sides by strip malls and a Fred Meyers. While the area can be busy, the outer edges usually have plenty of parking room even for a big rig.

If you take the first Issaquah exit when going west on I-90 (Front Street/East Lake Sammamish) and turn right at the bottom of the exit. The shopping area will be a couple lights up on the right. You will see a Krispy Creme and Home Depot in the lot before. The Pacific Fabrics is down at the far North end past the Fred Meyers.

Issaquah Pacific Fabrics and Crafts 6000 E. Lake Sammamish Parkway S.E. Issaquah, WA 98029 (425) 392-6696

The next exit west has a Michaels right near I-90. It’ in another area of stores in strip malls. The parking lot isn’t quiet as spacious, but still fairly roomy. If it happens to be too full, there is a Lowe’s just behind the Michaels, and they have a large parking lot, as well as being at the end of the road that goes in behind them, with some wide shoulders that few people drive past.

This link will take you to a map for the natural foods grocery that is in the same parking lot, just across from Michaels. The grocery has a great hot/cold deli and you can sit down for a quality good hot meal for no more than the cost of McDonalds.

Enjoy the drive!

Mama Bear

Thanks Mama Bear

At my knitting store they have recently installed a guy knitting that works there now-Brad.

Here is the google satellite map. The grassy corner is now a 3 or 4 story building of apts/condos and the bottom floor are businesses. YOu could park on the street, then when you left you would need to get back to the freeway the way you came.

this is about 10 miles north of Seattle off of hwy 5.

I drove a 20ft moving truck 2 summers ago to Texas then back again with car in tow and I wouldn’t want to do this in a big rig, but I’m not a professional.

I’m sure you will find what you need. In the rural parts of WA there seems to be lots of knitting stores, off the top of my head I don’t know of any off of 90. Maybe Ellensburg or Centralia

How big is a “big rig” that you’re driving?

One person mentioned “weaving works” in Seattle’s U-district.
^ Parking in that area is horrendous. I wouldn’t want to drive an SUV around the u-district. Parking is extremely tight, roads are congested and too narrow, and it’s the kind of place best to get to by bus!

You could consider going to the Michael’s in Bellevue if your big rig isn’t TOO big. It’s off of 148th off of highway 520. It’s in the Crossroads mall area which definitely is busy but the streets are fairly wide, and parking is ample. The Joanne’s in Bellevue is literally right across from the Michael’s so you can hit both stores.

You take 148th off of 520. 148th is a large major street and I suppose any size vehicle can drive on it.

You would head to 8th NE and head east bound on 8th to Cross Roads mall. It’ll be obvious when you’re there.

From I-90 take i-405-North. You won’t be on 405 very long, so the exit to NE 8th will come up quickly!! Do not take the SE 8th exit!! Head EAST from NE 8th. Exit splits and follow signs going east! Proceed approximately 3 miles (that’s a wild guess on my part) to Crossroads mall. Turn into the mall parking lot. If you get to 164th & 8th NE you’ve gone too far. The mall is at about 156th & 8th NE.

I suspect the Veradale option you got on page one is going to be easier. I have no idea where Veradale, Washington is, but there’s no doubt in my mind that it will be less congested than anything in Bellevue or Seattle. I simply would not try to drive a “big rig” around the city of seattle, though I’d consider it in Bellevue because the streets tend to be wider and more vehicle friendly generally.