LYS and goodies

Since I was near the LYS at my bf’s i just HAD to stop by:muah:

While we were there he found a book with a tumeric dye recipe. He bought the book and I bought the yarn. I’ve used this a couple times and figured I’d love it dyed to taste as well :woot:

So after a day and a half of working and waiting (mostly waiting) I have YARN cloud9

Once it dries (or I crop the pic) I’ll post the finished product…cause no one needs to see the shirtless bf :teehee: More details on my blog…

Looks like delicious ramen noodles. Can’t wait to see the final color. What are you going to make with it?

I haven’t decided on the final product yet. I have a stash set aside of a CW sleeping cap for me and this may be added…:inlove:

I don’t know, we might like to see the shirtless bf as much as we’d like to see the finished yarn :aww:

Looks like it’ll turn out a pretty color…

CW sleeping cap?


Civil War era sleeping cap. my bf and I occationally go play dress up :slight_smile: he got the last two caps and I still dont have one…it may be hot as hades during the day at events but the sun goes down and it gets COLD so a warm hat is a good idea…

Just got an update…apparently the bf went back and got more yarn :yay: :woot: :cheering: :knitting: I am SUCH a bad influence!!! and he learned that red cabbage doesn’t do well for him…don’t care he’s still making me more YARN :slight_smile:

:teehee: you’d change your mind…rofl you’d never know we were from the south as pasty as we are!!! he might blind you…don’t tell him I said that:teehee: :roflhard: