Lyra's hat from Golden Compass

Hi everyone,
I haven’t seen the movie but i love the hat pattern that is circulating from the character “Lyra” from The Golden Compass. Anyone else knit it yet?:yay:

No, I haven’t. But it sure is a cute hat. Looks like a fast project, too, the yarn is so bulky.

Oh it was fast! I made it last night in about one hour. It’s really funny and cute! Super warm. The only thing is the ties for the side. The person who designed the pattern says you just twist the yarn and it’ll turn into itself but it’s not working for me. I guess it’ll just do a I-cord.

Crazy as this sounds, I remember my mom doing the twisted yarn (some time ago for plant hangers) by tying the yarn to beaters and turning on the handheld beaters and letting the machine do the twisting for her. Made for a really tight twist that, to this day, remains twisted.

I’ve not seen the movie (though the book was great, as was the whole series!). Anyone have a picture and/or a pattern?


I posted the pattern at the top of this page. The hand held beater is a great idea!!! So how do you do it though? Seperate it into two groups tie one to each beater turn it on and after both are twisted … what next? I got them all twisted up by hand but then it says that you let the twist go on top of the other one and they should twist together but mine just unravel? Let me know! What a great idea i can’t wait to see if i can do that tonight -i hope you can remember what your Moms next step was.

I guess you have to twist them and tie them together and then let them go after you’ve tied them? I think in the pattern it just says to lay them on top of eachother. Apparently this is one of those things most people know how to do…no me! Do you think that’s what you do?

Yep, I made one while ago - super fast! It’s posted somewhere on the whatcha knitting forum, and Ravelry. I only used 3 strands.

I just braided the ties :thumbsup:

Tie the ends of the yarn together and either tie them onto a doorknob or something stationary, or get someone to hold them. Tie the other ends together, and slip a pencil or wooden spoon through the ends. This will make it easier to twist. Twist and twist till it gets harder, and then fold the lengths of yarn in half. They should immediately twist together. Hope this makes sense.

OHHHHHH you fold them over themselves! I didn’t know! Isn’t that funny that i didn’t know that? Thanks a bunch!