L've knitted Church Mice & Scarves

So far since taking knitting up again l’ve knitted church mice and a few scarves for my daughter’s
l am now knitting a cardigan for my first great grandson due in june
l don’t know how to upload a photo of the church mice and scarves
The scarves l knitted on a large size needles using 2 strands of furry wool
l have done a red/black one for my 14 year old granddaughter, pink/white for my sister. black/purple for my youngest daughter pink/white for my daughter in law and l muli coloured one for my elsest daughter
l am really enjoying my knitting

Hi ,
Glad to hear that you are having fun and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:
I would love to see some pictures of your finished projects .

Hi Pam, welcome to Knitting Help!

I’d love to see some church mice photos also.

Pics! We want pics! :mrgreen:

Hi Guys
l’d love to post some photo’s and the instructions but l don’t know how
l can type the instructions but it would be easier to scan them for the church mice if thats allowed
Can anybody help
l won’t be online for a couple of days, hubby painting the p.c. room that doubles as the guest room
For the scarves all l did was cast on 25sts and knitted every row on them to about 65" using large needles and 2 strands of fluffy wool.
They are lovely and warm.
Happy knitting and thanks for the warm welcome

Pam, I’m sending you a PM on how to post photos.

Looking forward to the photos!

Hi Everyone
Just to let you know l haven’t been able to get on p.c. to upload the photo’s yet
Jac is helping me sort out how l do it and as soon as l can l will be posting the church mice and the red/black scarf l knitted
Happy :knitting: to all