Luster Sheen top

Hi everyone
I wanted to share a top I’m making with Luster Sheen yarn. It’s a peach color and it’s all Rayon. I love to knit this because I have a lot of allergies and this one doesn’t make me itch. I’m trying to make this a cap sleeve because it’s faster. I sketched it out myself and made a swatch and going from there. Wish me luck. When done will post the results. Hope it fits me. Rebecca :slight_smile:

Very nice–I love the color!

Thanks Ingrid
You can’t see it close enough, but my knitting seems not to be perfect. Somehow I can’t knit perfect stitches. In some areas it shows. what am I doing wrong?

Well, first of all its hand made --every stitch isn’t going to be perfect. All I know is that the more you knit, the more even you stitches become. It could be that this yarn is a little slippery and that makes it hard to be perfectly even. And who knows, once it’s washed, it may all even out.

I’m impressed that you “sketched it out” and took it from there. I’ve only “winged” it on scarves–I’ve modified sweaters and combined patterns, but I like a guide to start from.

If you want even stitches, go buy a store bought sweater. :wink: Handmade things with all their inconsistancies are why we love knitting! :heart:

Seriously though, even stitches come with practice. It’s all in the yarn tension. But please don’t beat yourself up over a funny stitch here or there, that’s what makes it so great. :slight_smile:

Thanks guys, you are great for saying that. Guess I’m a perfectionist but you’re right, unless I knit it in my machine, the stitches won’t be perfectly even. I’m pretty hard on myself needless to say. By the way. I drew a rectangular drawing and measured a sweater I liked and fits well. Then I multiply the gauge. I knit to the underarm marked both sides now I’m knitting to where I want the square neck to start . Which is 3 more inches, then I will mark it again. Now I either will take center stitches on a holder and knit the shoulders. I will make the back. Put shoulders together and pick up stitches for the neck and rib.

Then I will pick up the stitches where I marked for the underarms. This will be a cap sleeve sweater. I already got to the underarm, I had planned for 9.5 inches from the top of the rib to the underarm and it came out to over 10 inches which is fine with me. So see somehow I must have gotten it looser because it came out longer then I planned.

Tomorrow I will continue and hopefully will have time between carying for mom and playing Canasta lol. Will keep posting my top, with errors and all. I think it’s a good idea to keep posting about our items, this way everyone knows how they come out. And learn from our errors so they or we can learn from them. Good night everyone and thanks again. Rebecca

I think blocking takes out a lot of unevenness. Maybe that will help when you are finished.