LUKE has finished his hat!

[I] know i posted this as an update . But MerigoldinWA suggested to open a new thread because people might miss the update.[/I]
Well ! The hat is finished . :yay: Luke did a wonderful job .
The decreasing at the top is a bit hit and miss but when i gathered it up and closed the back seam it looked ok .
It is all in purl stitch. so kind of a garter stitch.
Luke started of with the navy and then asked if he could make it red , white and blue .
This hat is going to the Save the children campaign .
I am a very proud mummy lol :yay: :woot: I am so glad he has finished it before he goes back to school on Thursday .

You SHOULD be a proud mom!!! What a sweet thing for a boy his age to do.

Tell him a whole bunch of people think he’s pretty cool, knitting for such a good cause.

Well done Luke :0)

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:
Atta BOY!

Thanks Everyone . I have told him that everyone thinks he has done a great job and he just smirks lol . :slight_smile:

Fantastic job Luke.

[FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=purple]Luke, You Rock!!!:yay: [/COLOR][/FONT]

Wow - Luke did an amazing job! I’m very impressed!!

Luke did a great job! Keep up the great work!

Luke you did an awesome job on your hat. I love the color changes and I love the red white and blue stripes, very patriotic, which is dear to my heart!! PROUD OF YOU!!! :yay:

That is just great! The hat looks so cool. I gave it another go with my 7yo DS but no luck, he isn’t catching on although he did try hard. So I really am impressed with Luke’s ability to catch on and finish a real project right away. :yay:

Rita, I’m glad you started a new thread for this.

Luke, a hat seems like a small thing but they tell us that a hat can save the life of a tiny baby in some countries of the world. So it is not a small thing at all. It’s great that you have learned a new skill that you can use to help others and to have fun with as well.

I taught my husband to knit a couple of years ago and he has made over 20 hats, all his own patterns (like yours). He made several tiny hats for new babies too for the Caps for the Capitol project.

WONDERFUL! :cheering: WONDERFUL! :cheering:

Hooray Lukey! :cheering:

You’ve done such a good job there young man.

Great job, Luke! You must be a proud mum, too.


Thank you Bambi and Nobones . :slight_smile: he is making a little purse thing at the moment. Not [too](file://\ oo) sure what he is even doing lol . He says it is a qhost squad wallet!
Must be a boy thing?
He made me buy him some green yarn and he is using blank instead lol .:rofl:

I will keep you updated :slight_smile:

Thanks for the idea hun:)
Your hubby sounds like he is doing great with his knitting :slight_smile:
It is early days and Luke is doing great . He is having fun . In time i will teach him other things .
He asked me yesterday ,how old i was when i first learned and i remembered i was about his age when i was taught the basics .

itrs georgous, very very well dine luck, you did an great job :thumbsup:

[B][SIZE=6][COLOR=red]LUKE![/COLOR][/SIZE][/B] What a wonderful job you did. I have seen adults not do as well! Terrifffffiicccccc!


[COLOR=“DarkRed”]Wow, Luke- great job! I haven’t even tried color changes yet! Your stitches are really even too![/COLOR]

Be sure to ask before you raid your mom’s yarn stash! :teehee:

:yay: :cheering: :inlove: :cheering: