Lucy Neatby Knitting DVD's

Anyone have any of her DVDs? If so, how are they?

I just ordered the Double Knitting DVD, so I’ll post a response about it if you like later on. However, there is a short thread on here earlier DVDs here ( and a review of the first two essentials here (

I did get the Knitting Essentials I and II from the library. Very informative. I watched them straight through. But it’s more like a book, with chapters on how to do certain things. I thought they were great for learning different cast ons, and cast offs; knitting in the round, and that sort of thing. I did also see the Double Knitting one too. That one was waaay beyond anything I would ever ever EVER try.

I also got Knitting Essentials I and II from the library. I found them interesting and picked up a few tips. I learned the provisional cast on from her video.

This past week, I checked out two of her DVDs from my library. I learned two very helpful techniques, and was very impressed with her detailed instructions. A few of her techniques were more advanced than I’m ready for right now, but everything else was wonderful.

I saw “Knitting Essentials 2”, where I learned a new way to bind off. (I’ll probably use this bind-off all the time, from now on.)

I also watched “Finesse Your Knitting 1”, LOVING her instruction on how to make “magic buttonholes”. I recorded it with my little video camera, so I can watch it over and over again. I’m sure I’ll have to check out the DVD again later to see the detail, though.

I ordered the two Venus Risisng DVD’s about 6 weeks ago expecting them to be sent out the first of July. The web site keeps posting delays in production. I have my yarn and pattern all ready and am quite dissappointed at the wait.

I hope they are worth the wait!!

There are several of her DVD’s that I want! Now I want them even more!