Lucy Neatby DVDs

OK, so I’m about ready to splurge and get the Lucy Neatby sock DVDs. I know she has a book with socks, too. Does the book work in conjuction with the DVDs? Should I bop the book in my basket along with the DVDs?
Lynda M

I have the DVD’s on my wish list, but I didn’t even know she had a book. Have you seen this page? It lists what’s on the DVD.

I would…mom won the dvds at a knitting retreat last spring and they are wonderful…she did go back and buy the book Cool Socks, Warm feet…she mentions in the dvds that the book was first and everyone wanted a dvd so they could see her doing what the book said… the book has some neat patterns in it as well… This past summer everytime I was in we watched her dvds :teehee:

I would buy the book. Lucy Neatby’s DVD’s are wonderful and a very good teaching tool. but they don’t have any patterns on them. After i bought both DVD’s i went out and bought the book to get the patterns so i could try my first sock.

Actually, her DVD’s are the reason i even have the bravery to try to make socks and use dpn’s (scary). I think they are great and her book is great. She has patterns in it from beginner to “Sock Goddess”.

If i were you, I’d get both.