Lucy blog is up

Will be updating it regularly…all about the events we go to and how she’s coming along with her frisbee training :smiley:

That’s cool Jive, but perhaps you should not have told some of us that you weren’t going to include our humble little home on your website :twisted:

whats that all about?

Apparently, I should not have pointed out my new blog…since i’m not going to advertise KH on there. Believe me, I tell absolutely everyone about this place…I just didn’t want a KH button on the blog so family won’t come over and snoop on what I’m making, etc.

That’s all! :smiley:

gotta say, if i ever updated my blog i wouldnt have a button for KH on it either. mostly because i don’t know how …but i would have linked it here for y’all too and wouldn’t have thought anything of it… :shifty:

I just thought people would like to hear all our silly stories with Lucy girl. :wink:

uh, I totally agree, JiveWhistle. I wouldn’t post one on mine either. Not because I don’t love this site or want to help it along, but because I want it to remain my private place. I have many people that read my blog, that I don’t want to know about this place. Believe me when I say, I’m sparing all of you from having to know them, too. :rollseyes:

So I’m sorry if I haven’t posted a KH button, but I like that this is the last refuge I can come to, by myself.

BTW, it is common practice on just about every board I’ve ever been to, to allow passive advertising of personal sites, in signatures. If this is not the case here, I’d like to know. I would like to add that these are personal blogs and I am not making any money or profit by sharing them. If I did have a site where I earned money, I absolutely would link back to KH in a :heart: .

OH! :frowning: Dont get upset anybody! Beld was being sarcastic, as evidenced by the little :twisted: in her message! Of COURSE you can link to your private blogs!

Believe me when I say, I’m sparing all of you from having to know them, too.


Thanks KK :smiley:

i link to KH on my blog cause no one i know knows about my blog!!! i’d put a button on there if i could figure out how! :evil:

Hey Jive, that pic on your blog of the little boy and the dog is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute!!! :cheering:

JIVE, put your title back on!! Of course I was joking. I wasn’t serious at all. I wouldn’t even go over there myself to corrupt your secret. Honest. Put your message back on for everyone to see again.

[size=2](Or I’ll do it myself…I can do that you know :twisted: )[/size]

LOL Beld…No worries, you know I :heart: you. I totally mistook what you meant. :thumbsup:


Way to go Susan and Lucy! You inspired me to start using my blog…here is a link to it…at the rate its going, it is NOT going to updated very often LOL!

Looks great Suzie!!

Yay Jive!!! Glad to see that you changed the title too. I’m happy now that all is good.

:heart: all around :heart:

I want you to come be a “doggie whisperer” to my little monsters :roflhard: …
Toby refuses to chase/catch anything but her green tennis balls (and they HAVE to be green - I know dogs are sposed to be colorblind, but get her any other color and she just gnaws it into oblivion…) and Lucky just stares at you and tries to lick you if you ask her to do anything…