Lucy bags

I really like this place!!
Does anyone have the ‘lucy bag’ pattern? I would really like to borrow it, Please.
Always Jan :heart:

B…b…b…b…BUMP!! :smiley:

what’s a lucy bag pattern? (I guess I really mean…what’s a lucy bag…bc i’m pretty sure i know what a pattern is :doh: )…i’m very curious because i love lucy…and…i love bags…so, it’s only natural that i would love to see the lucy bag & pattern…and to know exactly what…a lucy bag is… :thinking: now…what do u think?!

I think this may be the pattern:

Welcome Jan!! :cheering:
Wow, that’s a neat bag pattern, love it!


Thanks, Jouf! I saw that pattern in an ad, but when I went to the website, it was nowhere to be found. I’m going to order one.

Oh cute! I love that style bag. I’m too cheap to order the pattern though, I think i’ll just make it up as I go along (like i need another felted bag sigh)

Y’know, the problem with this site is that everytime I go through the posts I find more stuff that I want to do than I have time for. That bag is da’ bomb. Is it felted??

I’m supposed to be working, and here I sit checking around for sites and patterns. Where do you all find the time??? fI simply can’t knit and compute too.

I ordered my pattern. $9.00 total. (“Oh Mr. Postmaa-aaaan!”)

lol…i find myself doing that all the time too…reeeally need a new job that doesn’t require me to do anything but knit…lol

:wink: I knew, all in all…that i would love the lucy bag…i was right…cute bag…yep…i love lucy