Lucy bag

I’m planning on making Lucy bags for my neices for Christmas. Does anyone have any ideas for jazzing them up a little? I’ve never tried needle felting and I’m not sure I want to try something new under a deadline. I can do a little embroidery. Thanks!

you can carry eyelash or another fru fra yarn for several rows for a neat touch…:blooby:

You can use 2+ colors and knit it in stripes, either even or random.

You can knit it in one color, then do some embrodery with yarn on it before you felt it - it will felt right onto the bag.

DIY did a bag not too long ago that had embroidery/swiss darning. I plan on doing one later this week!

Here’s the link:,2025,DIY_14141_4813531,00.html
Hope this helps!