Lucy Bag Question

I have the Lucy Bag pattern that I bought from LionBrand (if I remember correctly) as a kit. It came with the firsherman’s wool which is incredibly thick (and itchy). Have any of you used this wool to make the bag? Did you double it? I can’t find in the pattern that it says to double.

Also, I am having one heck of a time getting those nine stitches started on 4 DPN’s. Did any of you find a way around it? I keep putting it down because I can’t get the darn thing started :frowning: :wall:

bump…I know many have made this so hopefully someone can help you.

personally I can’t stand patterns that have you start out with a few stitches like that – so I knit the Lucy Bag backwards, or from the top down. :smiley:

I used a provisional cast-on and knit the straps first, so I had 4 sets of live stitches (one at each end of each strap) then I cast on the bag stitches, knitting the straps as I got to them. (i.e. knit the sts at one end of the small strap, cast on the sts in between, knit the other end of the small strap, co the sts in between the small strap and the large strap, etc – all the way around.) The I just knit around and around forever until I was near the end of my yarn, started the decreases, and voila, Lucy. :smiley: It was especially convenient because I was cutting it close yarn-wise.

I had a hard time with the cast on and the initial stitches. But, I noticed that you said that you had nine stitches, and I only remember mine having 8 stitches. My first eight on the four needles were not in the round, but flat against each other (I realize that might not make sense), then when i went to the next round, I had to turn them into a square…

the first few sets around were tough… i had quite a nice selection of expletives spilling out…

Dont know about the yarn question, I used a single strand of Pattons.

Thank you for the suggestions! I’m going to try and give it another go this evening :slight_smile:

How is this going for you???

I finished my second one last night, and had a much more difficult time with the cast on and initial stitches than I did the first time around. I ripped it out three times!

I finally go through the first few rounds but I swear, I was ready to throw this project out just from the cast on!