Lucy Bag Pattern

IF anyone has this pattern, would they mind telling me what the approximate yardage of yarn needed is??? (for both the smaller and the larger bag) I am considering ordering the pattern, but only if I can use it as a stash buster.

See if this will work.
Lucy bag info

Thanks! I think this could officially BE a stash buster - and I definitely need a few of those!

It’s a great pattern and bag, you’ll LOVE it! :smiley:

you’ll love the bag, I’m a blck sheep bag addict now. I hve several Sophia’s and now I’m half way through a Booga bag.

Well, I have all kinds of stuff backlogged - enough WOTA for many pairs of clogs, enough Noro, WOTA and Lambs Pride bought on sale for a dozen bags, etc. I have all these gift ideas - and the yarn to do them - so last night I laid everything out to figure out what I am making for whom! So I ended up with the following gift list ready to be knitted:

5 pairs of clogs (including one for me)
4 booga bags (including one for me)
1 lucy bag for step mom
1 lucy bag for SIL
1 lucy bag for me if I decide I like them
2 ponchettes for mom and step mom

First on the agenda is a booger bag for ME!!! I am doing it slightly modified - going to do it just a smidge bigger, on size 11 needles - base and handles will be plum and then a pretty matching Noro colorway.

Tomorrow #1 son and I are going up to UM for some campus visit day, and I am hopeful that I will be able to knit on the way home while he drives. My noro sweater is very close to done (except for that pesky putting it together part and the neck) so I needed a totally mindless project for the car.