Lucy Bag online?

I’ve been looking at the Lucy bag for several months. I finally decided i’d go ahead and purchase the pattern from Lion Brand this morning. So i went through the motions but when I got to the part where it was gonna cost me almost 6 $'s for shipping, I couldn’t click the checkout button. Besides, I figure it would be a lot easier and faster to be able to download it to my computer.
Has anyone seen it purchased this way?

There are probably other places, but I know you can get it here.

Did you mean a downloadable pattern though? That would be nice, but I don’t know of any place. :think:

Oh and you might try another browser on LB. I’ve had problems on a few sites and when I switch to IE it works so it’s nice to have two.

You can get it here for $!.00 shipping Just scroll down for info