Lucy Bag - Modifying pattern?


As I posted in the general knitting forum, I just finished my Lucy bag, and have been showing it off around the office. One of the girls here in the office fell in love with it, and wants one for herself, but wants to know if it can be done about twice as big. I did the large bag, and am happy with the size!

Anyone have any experience with this? Can I just double the specifics of the pattern to increase the size?


Yes you can double it, however you need to make sure it is sturdy so you may want to double your yarn as well.

The one on display at my LYS used Arucania Nature wool, which is worsted weight, and they used it doubled.
It looked VERY nice, sturdy and thick, and they even lined the bag. Looked so sweet, I bought the pattern even.
I think doubling it increases the size a bit, but mostly makes it thicker and more substantial. (It doesn’t double the finished size of the bag).

As far as changing the pattern, you could try it. Just remember, that when you felt items they shrink more vertically than they do horizontally.

what about a bulky yarn and larger needles? I’m glad you asked this - I’ve done 2 Lucy bags and would love to make one like a tote bag.

well, possibly if you used SUPER bulky it would work…
I mentioned before the one at my LYS was made with two stands of worsted weight, and although it turned out thicker and maybe a little bit larger, the dimensions really didn’t seem that different from what’s listed in the pattern. :shrug:
If you try it, just experiment and post your results if you do!