Lucy bag in Mmmmmmmmalabrigo -- FO

I finished my Lucy bag in Malabrigo (Stonechat colorway).

Overall, I’m happy with it, but I wish I’d made the handle a bit longer. Oh well, live and learn! If anyone is thinking of making one of these in Malabrigo – let me tell you that the Mmmmmmmm will shrink a lot during the felting process. It makes a wonderful, sturdy bag, but mine ended up quite a bit smaller than I expected!

More details are on my blog.


Very nice! Love the color. Thanks for the heads up on the shrinking–Can’t wait to make a purse out of mine!



oh its beautiful!! :slight_smile:

Great job!

Gawgeous, Dahlin’, simply gawgeous :cheering:

That is one beautiful bag I would be so proud to have it on my arm.

Think I need to learn this felting thing. It really is stunning and I love the colours.


:hug: Sharon

Thanks everyone! :muah:

Very Nice!!!

Thanks! :smiley:

Stunning!!! :cheering:

very pretty! :cheering:

Looks great!

Thank you! :heart:

It is lovely…especially like the colorway…

I have found that straight knitting (not in the round) gets much shorter than I would expect so I have learned to add a little bit of length to some measurements so that I will have the bag, strap, handle etc. long enough for me.

That is amazing! I love it!

Thank you both!

And that’s a great tip Louine – thank you!