"Lucky" Clover Leaf Wrap and Shine?

My roommate and I each want to make one of these sweaters from Stitch ‘n’ Bitch Nation, but we don’t know what kind of yarn to use. Any suggestions? The gauge in the pattern says 26 st = 4" in clover lace st (on #3). I was thinking about trying Shine from Knit Picks, which lists its gauge as 6 st = 1" on US #3-5. I’m thinking that would be pretty close (that’s 24 st for 4" in st stitch, so it could theoretically be the same).
Who has used Shine? Is it easy enough to work with?
And has anybody made this sweater before? Was it difficult?


sounds like it might work, but you may have to adjust the needle size due to gauge. I’ve never worked with it before tho.

I’ve worked with Shine, and it was very nice and soft. But, I only worked in the recommended gauge.

If I were you I would find a yarn with the same gauge that is on the label of the yarn that they recommend. That clover stitch is going to be different than just doing it in stockinette, so you might want to compare the stockinette stitch count to the other, since that is a constant.

Let us knwo what you pick. I love that wrap but am super cheap, so if there is a KP yarn that works I am there.

Thanks, everyone.
I can’t seem to find ANY yarn with which to make this thing. :rollseyes: My roommate says she found the stuff recommended, but it was way expensive.

Can you find something that is the same gauge and wt of the recommended yarn?
EDIT :roflhard: :rofling: like YarnMommy just said…sorry, I misread :doh:

I say try the one you were going to get, just buy one skein and do a few swatches, that way you’ll know. :wink:

I actually just started knitting that with Shine from Knit Picks.

I know nothing about gauge and I had just found this site and gotten some advice about it.

Anyways - I ripped it out b/c I have no clue what I’m doing! LOL

I noticed that the Shine didn’t seem as soft and thin as the the yarn in the picture - it looks like it lays a little nicer…KWIM?