LTK Pilot Cap Help, slipping stitches

I’m knitting the Little Turtle Knits Pilot Cap. Starting with row 5, the instructions say to slip the last 3 stitches purl wise on each row. Ok, I did this, but when I go to purl the next row, the working yarn is 3 stitches in, and the pattern says to starting purling, with no mention of decreasing. How do I purl like this? The working yarn is going to cross over the other 2 slipped stitches and it seems like it will make a big mess.

Can anyone advise?

It may be that the last 3 sts are not to be worked for a row or two. You would start purling where your yarn is. What does the pattern say to do over then next few rows, or at the finishing? That could help you with what is to be done with those 3 sts.

It says in reference to the 3 stitches “This will give you the icord trim to keep the edge from curling.” But it doesn’t say what to do with the slipped stitches.

It will be in the finishing instructions for doing the I cord, I bet.

It turns out that it’s to make an Applied I-cord, so you snug the yarn across the stitches, making an I-cord out the outside, all the way up the side of the cap.