Loving Bamboo Needles!

I ordered some bamboo circular needles, mainly because I think that’s the only material I could get the 16" circulars for cap-making in. I absolutely LOVE the texture of them and haven’t dropped a stitch yet! This is wonderful as I’m not yet that great at correcting mistakes. Just wanted to share that.

I love bamboo needles too esp. if you use dpns… I find them alot easier to work with on socks… although a certain cat was found chewing on my dpn this morning and he damaged my tip … after I walked out of the room for something… here I thought since the kids were not up my knitting would be safe… :rollseyes: :lol:

Ha, nothing is safe from those kitties and puppies! I’d better keep mine out of reach of our Yorkie . . .

I like bamboo, too. My dog ate one of my DPNs though so be careful! :lol:

Another happy bamboo user here! My first needles were bamboo and even though I’ve tried plastic and metal, I still think bamboo is the best! :thumbsup:

Aren’t they great!! I bought a pair of 7mm bamboo ones and knitted my first scarf on them. They are so nice to work with!!

:cheering: For finding needles you love!!! :cheering:

I “broke down” and bought my first set of bamboo dpns when I was starting DHs first pair of socks. Even though I ended up not using them for that project, I absolutely :heart: them, even though I’m often afraid of breaking them. I just bought my first bamboo circ, so I’ll soon find out if I :heart: them as much for other projects too! :thumbsup:

I haven’t tried bamboo yet :oops:

But do you :heart: the needles you have?

I love my addis (I have 2 size 2 circs for socks), and I like my Boyes fairly well, but I would like to try bamboo so I can say that I have :lol:

Well you’re one up on me with the Addi’s… with the prices starting at just over $20 plus 13% taxes, I havent’ had a chance to even think of using them yet.