Lovin' My Knit Picks circulars!

Okay, I got my 16" Knit Picks circulars on Saturday…

Late Sunday afternoon I started on my friends Harry Potter scarf. Oh wow! I love these needles! I am a [I][B]slow[/B][/I] knitter, but with these babies I already have 2 stripes (24 rows each) done (17 more to go)! Yes, it’s just knit, knit, knit since it all stockingette stitch in the round, but still! :woot:

My friend was telling me while we were at dinner on Sunday night (when I had only had 6 rows total done at that time) that she hope I can get it done by Novemeber when our Hubbies come home from Iraq. I think I may even be able to get one done for me by then! (in pink & green, my college’s colors!) :yay:

Please tell the the Knit Pick Options are as nice as their regular circs?!?!?!

I have the Knit Picks Options, and I absolutely [B]love[/B] them. Except for two things. First, I’m a thrower, and I tend to use the first finger of my right hand to brace against the top of the left needle in order to push the stitches toward the tip, and the KP Options are sharper than my other needles. I just have to work on changing the way I knit. Second, they’re much slipperier (is that a word?) than other needles, and my stitches tend to fall off the end, usually when I’m trying to [I]un-[/I]knit a few stitches. Both problems are mine, and no reflection on the needles themselves. As far as workmanship and quality of product, I give them four out of five stars. The only thing I would change is to mark them with the needle size.

I have not tried the KP standard circulars, so I can’t speak about those, but I’m definitely going to be buying some when I get around to sock knitting.

LOVE the Options!!! I’m a tight knitter, love the slippery feel of them. You do have to get used to how pointy they are, but it’s worth it.