Lovin' my Denise needles!

A few weeks ago, I was in a LYS, and saw that they had the pink Denise set, and at a very reasonable price (lower than I’ve seen online), so I bought them.

I broke them in on Sat., when I went to Bristol. I wanted to bring some knitting with me to the track, and they were perfect! I picked out which one I’d be using beforehand (didn’t want to freak the Husband out too much by taking the whole thing). They were lovely, and I had no issues with them. We may be going to Charlotte in October; if so, I’ll be bringing them again!

I still want to get a set of Options, but for now, I’m :heart: Denise!

cool hope we can meet!!! come to Cottage Yarn…:slight_smile:

llove my Denise set

I’m pretty fond of my Denise set :inlove:

yay!I like my denise’s too- so convenient! I have a few addis that are great, and I may eventually get the options, but I’ve had no issues with the D… have fun!

I had only been knitting for a few months when my hubby bought me a set of the Denise needles. I won’t trade them for the world.:woot: Think of how much money you save by using them and not have to buy all those different needle sizes for every project, plus they’re great when you aren’t getting the right gauge and need to switch needle sizes.:doh: You have pretty much what you need and not having to run out to your LYS to buy another size (particularly if your LYS isn’t all that local).

I am glad you are having good luck with yours.

I really am not happy with mine. They frequently come apart, especially when I use the cables for stitch holders with the round flat end. The tips are too soft for my liking and the connectors (the tubes) either don’t hold or are impossible to get apart.

I’ve been buying addis on ebay and REALLY like them. I wish I’d used the money I invested in my Denises’ on addis:wall:

Me too, me too! Count me in as a satisfied customer. I’ve had my Denise needles for a little over a year. The only needles I’ve had to buy since are DPN’s.

I may someday try the Options, but right now I don’t see any reason to switch. I once tried Addi and felt out of control. The yarn kept flying off the needles! The Denise needles are a better fit for me. They are smooth but not as slick as the metal ones. Everyone knits a little differently, so it is just a personal preference.

I love my set of Denise too. I wish I got them sooner. I pretty much use them for ALL of my knitting whenever possible. Mine are not pink…but I would have loved them to be.:muah: They are worth every penny.

[B]I bought Addi’s on E-BAy and I can’t wait tio get them. From what I have been hearing, I don’t want to waste money on trying out other kinds when it seems like Addi’s and options are what most of you like.[/B]

I actually like my Denise’s more than my Options. I hardly ever even use my Options.