Lover's knot wedding gift afghan

So i’ve spent the last 3 months working on this giant blanket for my boyfriend’s and sister and her new husband…I spent all of June under this thing to finish it in time to give to them for the wedding and I did…:woohoo: …there’s full notes over on my ravelry page…

it’s finished measurements are 64" x 90"…as of may23 it was 23" long…so in less than a month I got 67" done…my computer isn’t cooperating in attaching pictures to the post right now

Oh my, what a gorgeous blanket! And I’ll bet it is sucking up the yardage like crazy! Cables are notorious yarn hogs!

What a work of love! Great job~

Beautiful blanket in a lovely pattern. I love the XOX’s as well as the lovers’ knots. Well done!

That’s very nice! I’m sure it will be much appreciated.
Did you weigh it? It has to be quite heavy and warm.

it used approx 20 skeins of the lion brand wool-ease chunky, and was rather heavy, i had to try and find the largest gift bag i could to give it to the couple.

What a gorgeous blanket!

Not everyone has Ravelry or can get to it on work days. You might post a picture here, too. :thumbsup:

Abbers, I’m waiting to see a picture. That size you mentioned sounds a bit large. Course, one has to consider the size of the couple.

I generally knit a newlywed’s afghan/blanket not quite large enough to fit 2 people comfortably. It’s up to them to make any necessary adjustments.

Really would like to see it. Jean

Beautiful! They will love that gift.

i’m trying to upload pictures here…i’m having issues with the attachment window…once i find the files and click upload the window goes white and never attaches the items…i’ll keep trying


Love this afghan! SUCH a special gift!!!
Also love the pup in the avatar, even if seeing him in a pot is a tad disturbing :teehee:

Beautiful gift and blanket. Lucky couple.

Wow, that’s very impressive.

I’ve tried for several days to upload a picture through the attachment window. It isn’t working for me either.