Lover's Knot Afghan help!

Hello! I am going to be knitting this afghan as an anniversary present for my husband (I hope!). I am looking for a yarn that will show off the cables and still be soft and cuddly. I don’t need a superwash or anything machine washable. I might use a bulky weight instead of the worsted called for in the pattern due to time. Nothing like waiting til the last minute. LOL I’ll probably have to order the yarn online, which is why I am looking for your valuable opinions! Thanks sooo much!!


Webs, has a wonderful yarn that I used for an Aran sweater. It’s super soft and looks wonderful with the cables. Even though it’s not superwash, it does wash well and there is minimal pilling.

Awesome! I’ll check it out! Thanks so much!

By all means, you must show off those wonderful cables!

With a size 10 needle, you do need knitting worsted.

Choose a light color. The darker the color, the harder it will be to see the cables.

That said, you do have a range of choices. Light pink, Light blue, Light green, Lilac - it’s all up to you. Depends on your home’s color scheme.

It’s a lovely pattern. Should be fun to make it.



I’ve made four afghans using Caron’s “Simply Soft” acrylic. The patterns all had textural elements (cables, lattice, etc.) and the yarn showcased them beautifully. And it’s luxurously soft!

It has a nice sheen to it, is easy and pleasant to work with, and is relatively inexpensive.

If not for this afghan, keep it in mind for another project.

Happy knitting!
Ruthie :knitting: :waving:

Thank you all for your suggestions. I think I’m going to go with Cascade Eco Wool. DH will appreciate the fact that it’s not chemically processed. Thanks again!