Lovely picture, does anybody know the pattern?

Hi all, this lovely picture came across my Gab feed this AM. I love the tea pot, hand warmers and all. Plus I’m intrigued by the sweater. Does anybody know this pattern? Know someone who might have designed it? TIA
The person who posted it doesn’t know. She just gathers lovely pictures and posts them, landscapes, cathedrals etc.

Maybe ask here.

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I went to the site and it is in Russian. My browser said it was untranslatable? My browser is being weird tonight, tho. When I first loaded knitting help, it was in Oriental characters, not sure which language. I’ll try again later.

Update, it finally loaded and translated. And I see the picture. Is that how you found it? From the picture? Thanks.

Yes it was in Russian but mine translated automatically, good to hear yours behaved itself un the end. Yes I did a Google search on the image you posted.
There may be a way to contact them to ask about the pattern you like - and the ceramics! Good luck.

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The stitches look very familiar – except, when I’ve knitted them before they were very lofty and you only clearly saw the pattern to them when stretched out. This looks very drapey (and yet not flat. Still lofty in a plain knit sort of way.). It is unique and yet not something I’d be embarrassed to be seen in like most “unique” patterns.

I have no idea sorry!! It’s beautiful though love it and good luck!!

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I can only comment on part by part stitch patterns.

I will open the discussion with…

Lower torso: honey comb?

Yoke or bodice: n rows of reverse stockinette “separated” by a single row of knit?

Edge: I-cord border?

Your thoughts or observations?

Not sure if you intended this reply to me or to @FluffyYarn.
I have no idea about the stitches, I’m just not experienced enough to recognise anything other than stockinette or rib.
I’d have more chance at making the pot.

Thank you, @Creations, for alerting me. You are correct. I thought I was responding to the thread or the OP FluffyYarn.

I have edited my previous post with a quote from and comment to FluffyYarn.

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Hi Jack
I agree that the edge is I cord & the lower part is honeycomb . But the honeycomb I am familiar with is a scrunchy brioche, which does not display it’s pattern unless stretched out, certainly not when loose and free as it appears in the picture. I think the top is pintuck, which has the back stitches dropped after knitting. But that would be hard to shape correctly. If I could only read the pattern or a blog.


Hello Fluffy Yarn. I used the new search an image feature in google and found what could be the sweater for sale on Ebay. It might be another avenue for you to search. It is listed as a Berretti Italy Faux Fur Collar Sweater Vest. Brown , Medium, There is a close up picture of one of the stitches that might help you find the stitch.


Here is another sample for sale with some excellent images. I have included the link in case the images help.

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Wow. Good search work, Jack.
Thanks a bunch. I’d sure like to know how they get the honeycomb to drapey like that. I’m curious enough to buy it! I don’t think the top part is exactly like the Russian photo tho. Still gotta figure that one out.

How d’ya think that would look with an angora collar? I have a big matted piece I cut off of one of my bunnies, and stretched it out to fur collar size. The outer fur looks just like it does on an unmatted bunny. As I remember it was an agouti bunny (dark gray banded with white on the guard hairs). I had a picture of it - several phones ago. It really is dramatic.

Did you see the link from @flknit5? It looks just the same to me. Maybe it’s just different photos showing different detail though.

Great detective work from this community!

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Thank you so much, @flknit5. I mistook your post as from Creations. So sorry. I really appreciate your work.