Love to laugh?

Well, I needed a good laugh, and found it here.

Be sure you don’t miss the “Bridezilla” cakes and the comments under them.

I love this site. I check it out every now and then for a good laugh! Thanks for reminding me to look.

I now have it bookmarked. This one made me laugh [B]hard[/B].

What I can’t figure out is why someone would pay for that. I’m hoping there is a back story: “Please copy this picture of what Little Johnny drew in first grade.”

But really, go to the “Bridezilla’s”, they’re the best.


It used to be cakes that people got at parties and stuff like that. It’s now all about finding cakes in the store and taking a picture with the phone. It gets kind of annoying sometimes. I know the stores have quotas and the last cake of the day can be a mess. That’s what people seem to find and take pictures of. It’s not nearly as funny as the cakes that have a true story to go along with it. (I ordered this and this is what we got!) Just my opinion!


Kelly, at one point in my life, I co-owned a bakery. Part of the reason I find this site so funny is that we never, ever sent out a cake that looked like any of these. We did have one episode where we had to give money back on a cake, but that was due to misinformation, and believing the customer is “always right”. (Unless, of course, they’re stealing salt and pepper shakers.:fingerwag: )

If there weren’t [I]so many[/I] of these, it wouldn’t be so funny, IMO, either.