Love the baby

I just can’t believe how really the baby out of maripan is…amazing…

It’s not marzipan. . .

:oops: I’m not sure where you saw the baby–but, I recently posted the very same baby on my blog (after someone sent it to me, stating it was made from marzipan–this is how rumors start! :wink:

I’m assuming this is ciculating like wildfire—at the very least —people will hopefully get a look at this artist’s great talent!

Thanks!! Ingrid for the heads up & posting the artist site.

This would be a great contest for craftersorg—create a baby from marzipan…ummm!! any takers??!


I saw it when I clicked on your link…and I thought that it said marzipan…I might have misread it…however, what ever medium…it is incredible…

You read it correctly! I didn’t mean imply that you were mistaken–I was mistaken!!! Have you checked out the artist work --I think Ingrid posted a link–and if not,
check my flutterbyart site for a link-

Her work is wonderful

You know when a ffiend sent this post to me --about it being made of marzipan–I thought it was odd that hair had been applied to marzipan–I was thinking that, that was kinda yucky–that should have clued me in!!! :roflhard: :roflhard:


You’re not the only one fooled my by this. I believed it at first, and my sister sent me a copy of it, as well. Then I read somewhere that it was ceramic. I agree–beautiful work!

I got a copy of that e-mail as well. The babies are really neat but man when I first thought that they were made out of marzipan they were just plain creepy. :rollseyes: