Love or hate charts?

I have been fighting with a pattern from drops that has taken me about 5 tries to even get going right (and still somehow I am messing up). I am finding that its because I am reading from charts only.

So do you love or hate them?

I can certainly tell you that I won’t be rushing to make anything with a pattern that is mostly charts!

Personally, I like them. Lace patterns get especially irritating to read when written out, but having a chart and memorizing the symbols makes the project much more efficient.

Sometimes, it just takes awhile to get used to them.


Something with charts just doesn’t click with me. Hate 'em! :teehee:

Chart lover here! I’ll often make a chart out of a written pattern if it’s possible.

I didn’t like them when I first started knitting, but for lace patterns and cables, I love them. It’s easier for me to “read” my knitting if I have a chart to compare it to, and I also am less likely to lose my place in a pattern.

I voted that I hate 'em, but honestly I propably haven’t given them a fair shake. I have contemplated a couple of patterns that were via charts and I just couldn’t get the symbols memorized and keep reading in a straight line back and forth. Maybe I’ll put it back on my list of things to do…

Doesn’t matter to me – right now I’ve only been knitting about a month, so I can’t quite picture what the chart is going to look like. In fact, I found that it was best to chart out the pattern on graph paper myself, but not so I could follow it…it was to make sure I understood how the stitches worked together, [I]not[/I] so I could see how it would look. Sort of backward-engineering. (Sad, I know.)

I imagine that with experience, I’ll be able to “see” the lace in the charts and they’ll be more useful to me.

You need an option for “scares the bejeepers out of me and have never had the guts to try them”

That’s my vote!!

I can read charts, but I can’t knit from them - too much time counting sts when I can look at the text and it say k9, k2tog, k7 YO, or whatever. Also I learned over 40 years ago and all the patterns I saw were in text. So my brain only interprets what I see from left to right.

Yea, and under the option ADD “WILL NEVER TRY AGAIN”…ONE WORD…:thumbsup: SOCKS

I really like them. As for counting the boxes, I fill in the number on the line I’m working on so I have the best of both worlds. Another trick is to use post it notes to cover everything above the line you’re working on. When you work on lace, you can use the chart to help you read your knitting and check whether or not you’ve screwed up.

when i first got into knitting, i only looked at charts, so I love 'em!

it’s kinda self-explantory, no abbreviations or any explanation really needed… so that’s why i like 'em… and i’m used to it also

No like. They intimidate me. I can read directions better than seeing the stitches on a chart. Grrrrrr - aaaarrrrrggggghhhh.

I’m a little intimidated with them, but I’ve done a few simple ones. I can see their value so maybe someday…


I find it very frustrating that often when you purchase a pattern on line it doesn’t tell you if the pattern is in chart form or written out.

I think once you get comfortable with charts they are MUCH easier to follow and keep track of.

I’m not too comfortable with charts, but I think it depends on the pattern. There were a couple of patterns where I did fine working from the chart, then there was a chart that I just could not manage at all. When I printed it out, it was so small that I just couldn’t follow it, so I had to print it on 2 pages THAT was a pain. I ended up writing it out or I would have dropped the project.

I love the charts for me I think I go faster with them. I won’t say that I am great at them far from it, but they do make sense to me now. Where as I love doing lace now knowing how to read the charts is great. It did take time for me to understand them but once it clicks in they aren’t so bad.

I voted that I hated charts, I can read them but I always seem to lose myself when I am knitting from them. Perhaps its just because I learned to knit without them and I just prefer to have my instructions written out.

:happydance: I like them…I find that it makes my knitting go faster and I don’t have to stop and figure out where I am. I use a magnetic chart to hold my place and the magnets hold my place on the chart. I usually color code the chart if it has a lot of different things going on…I will also # the squares going across the bottom or top if needed…I also like that you can kinda see if you have messed up easier with the charts.

I haven’t done a complete project with a chart. At this point, they intimidate me. I’ve always gone by written instructions, so they make more sense to me.