Love my Options, but

I have to admit I am totally being lured in by the yummy pink goodness of the Breast Cancer Denise needles. So, for those of you with experience with both, should I go ahead and order the Denise set, too? I’m thinking there have got to be times when the Denise set might be preferable or come in handy. Or I am I being delusional and trying to rationalize an uneccesary purchase? I just love the PINK!

have you used the denise needles at all before?

No. I’m telling you it’s all about the PINK. I do have a real preference for metal needles, but I’ve used plastic straights before (Lion Brand).

[color=blueviolet]I love pink. It’s my favorite color and I wish they had the pink version available when I bought my set over a year ago. But as much as I love pink I wouldn’t buy them after KPOs. I’ve only used them once after getting my KPOs and that was after I lost one of my US 7s and it was an emergency. If you have other needles that work well with slippery yarns I say this is an unnecessary purchase especially if you haven’t used them before. But if you have used them and you don’t have needles that work well with slippery yarn, go for it. I use KPOs for every yarn including slippery yarns because slippery needles + slippery yarn doesn’t bother me.[/color]

Denises arent plastic… they’re resin. NOT like those plastic/acryllic icky needles at ALL. I love my options, too, but would still use Denises for cotton and other fibers for which you dont want too slippery a needle.

Im a pink needle freak too! :cheering: :cheering:

I love my Options but I do still use my Denise’s occasionally. I like the looks of the pink ones too, but I won’t be buying a set since I already have the regular ones.