Love it, hate it

I’m having a love hate relationship with the Dancing yarn from Knitpicks. I totally crudded up a bunch of it while trying to figure out the tension. Darn elastic. :wall: I finally made a usable sock after 4 attempts.
:cheering: Now I’ve got to make the mate for this. Why can’t I just put this one in a drawer and have it do the bunny thing (multiply on it’s own)? I like the way the sock looks, I just don’t know about the yarn. Maybe I just need more of it to practice with…hmmm. lol

Oh no. That’s not good. I’ve never worked with it, but I have a skein of it waiting to be turned into socklets…
I guess i’ll try to remember to swatch to get the hang of the elasticity.

Good luck on the second sock!!!

I feel exactly the same way! I’ve knit several pair of socks with Dancing and I always fiddle with gauge!

I love love love love Dancing yarn! :muah: :heart: :muah: :heart:

Do you have any suggestions for working with it?

There’s a huge urge to pull it tight. Can’t do that! lol I knit it pretty much the same as if it was regular yarn. I do find that I have to adjust my tension. If I ever actually figure it out, it might be a miracle! lol