Love is a Pair of Warm Mittens

I finished a pair of convertible mittens in 100% wool a few weeks ago. Wool stays warm even when wet. We had a big snow storm last night. My son is a pizza delivery driver so he was out in it all night. He thanked me for the warm mittens this morning and commented on how well they performed. This is what it’s all about. Knitting quality garments for someone you love. This is something that can’t be bought in a store or mass produced. This is what motivates me to keep knitting. Love is a pair of warm mittens.

GREAT story. Thanks for sharing. And you’re right. Love is warm mittens and kids who wear their knitted clothes to bed because they don’t want to take them off, and loved ones who feel hugged every time they wear something you knit.

Heck, [B][I][U]I[/U][/I][/B] even feel hugged whenever I wear something I knit, so it’s also the joy of wearing something you’ve made. And, no, you can’t buy that at any store!

Oh, yeah. Love [I]is[/I] warm mittens on a cold night. I saw your snow pic in another thread. He needed those mittens!

Knitting is a labor of love. Well made FOs are nice and mean so much more when they are for someone we care about.

This is what our neck of the woods looked like this morning. It was like a Currier and Ives Christmas card.

Beautiful!! I love the mitten story, too~I live in south Texas, but I went to Colorado in February and wore fingerless wool gloves my Mom knit me and they were FABULOUS!! Can’t beat wool for staying warm!


Hooray for Moms who knit!! :thumbsup:

Wow. It’s been in the 70’s here in MI. I’ve been wearing tank tops and going without a coat for a week now. It’s usually still snowing here this time of the year also.

This is an old post. It was a few weeks ago. Now we’re getting the same weather as you, in the 70’s all this week. The brown out is starting to go away and it’s getting green. Birds are beginning to make nests.

We’ve got what I call ‘white rain’ going on now. Chilly. Trees turning pink with their blossoms and getting snowed on. The other eveining I heard frogs on a snowy night. That’s a first for me! Weird, weird weather.
Now the sun is out! How’s that for a fast change?

It’s been close to 80 all week here. People are talking about putting in their garden–in March! I think they’re crazy. There’s always the possibility of one or two big snow storms still coming.

We have hit the mid 80’s here for many days since Feb.But as long as the humidity level is down , we aren’t complaining. When the humidity level is at over 50%, then the 80’s become stiflingly muggy, steamy HOT!

All You Need Noe Is A Scarf And A Hat :mrgreen: