Love/Hate Knitting . . . Need help!

:shrug: :shrug: Hello. I think about knitting more often than I find the time to do it. I started out as a crocheter but enjoy the varying stich methods to hold my interest. However, sometimes I hate knitting and here is why. I think and think and think about knitting. I get all excited about finding a new project. I go to the store and could literally gaze and the mounds of yarn skiens for hours and look through pattern books until I find a lovely project that I ‘think’ is simple enough for me to accomplish. I bring the new goods home and it could be days before I actually sit down to begin. After refresher courses on stiches via this website I am ready to knit. Then, I cast on and do a line or two of knitting, contemplate why it doesn’t look like the photo in my book, rip it out, do it over, rip it out, do it over and give up. I go to bed wondering what my problem is. Maybe I am knitting-challenged? Please help.
I am doing a Morning Frost Wrap here is the pattern that has a Vine Lace Pattern as follows:
Cast on 67 sts
Row 1(wrong side): Purl (still don’t know which is the wrong side)
Row 2: K3,*yo, k2, ssk, k2tog, k2, yo, k1; repeat from *across, k1
You just repeat this until this measures 27"

I can’t even get two inches along let alone 27!!! There are no increases, decreases, etc. However, once I complete Row 2 (always having a few extra stiches at the end) I am not sure what to do when purling. For instance, when there is a yarn over … there is an extra stich…do I purl that on the next row? Maybe I am doing the yo wrong? It seems there is a loop on my needle it is not a stitch. Anyway, when I am done with Row 2 and go to knit row 3 it is all screwed up. Any guess at what I am doing wrong? I am using the Continental Method.

If you have read through my post, thank you. I know it’s long and filled with frustration. I dream of knitting beautiful projects but can seem to get the simple ones down. Thanks for your help.

I can’t help with your pattern, but here’s a general hint: Always keep a no-brainer project going along with your passionate-project-of-the-moment, so you can still enjoy the knitting process when the other thing goes south. For me it’s fashion scarves from fancy yarn, so my stitch can be plain old garter. (Dishcloths/washcloths also work great for this.) I have one of these in my office and one by my TV chair. They’re small enough to go with me anywhere and so simple I can’t mess them up even when I’m tired or distracted. If you channel your frustration into something easy you’ll eventually have something to show for it, so the knit gremlins LOSE and YOU WIN!

Row 1 is giving you the information that it is a WS row, so all the odd numbered rows will be too.

For R 2, there are both increases and decreases - the ssks/k2togs decrease and the YOs increase, but they balance out so the stitch number stays the same. A YO is just a wrap around the needle, it is a loose loop that isn’t connected to a stitch below it. But treat it just like a stitch and purl on the next row. Take it slow and repeat only what’s after the *. Put a marker after each repeat, you would be doing the ‘yo, k2, ssk, k2tog, k2, yo, k1’ 7 times across the row. If you get to the end and there’s too many sts look back at the beginning of the row and name the sts instead of count them - 3 knits, a yo, 2 knits, dec dec, 2 knits, over, k1, over, 2 knits, etc. Sometimes that helps you find where you went off the pattern.

:hug: I appreciate the comments and they help immensely! I didn’t realize there were “7” Sets across which will certainly help me. I can mark the beginning of each set for the first few times till I get the hang of it. Sometimes I feel as though I need to “finish” one project before I begin another just as I feel I can’t do “what I want” until everything is neat and tidy around the house. Maybe just my personality. It helps to know that other knitters have multiple projects and I like the idea of have a simple, no brainer project alongside a more challenging one. So nice to get help. Hopefully one day I will be the one helping others on here. Thanks again.

Stitch Markers are wonderful things … use many of them and use them often… throughout the whole project ! They will save you time counting, frogging, finding mistakes, correcting mistakes. I love stitch markers and buy “jump rings” in the bead department (they come in many sizes and many to a package) so that loosing one does not mean a mad search while my knitting is hanging in limbo :slight_smile: I just get another one and find the one I dropped the next time I vacuum :slight_smile:

Debbie, thanks for the reply. I guess stitch markers will become my best friends. What the heck is frogging? I have seen that term several times now and assume it has something to do with Jumping?
Happy Knitting.:wink:

One of my VERY FIRST questions on this forum 5 years ago when I learned how to knit was " What is frogging?" :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: Actually it does have a little to do with jumping, because if you have to do it too much, you feel like jumping off a bridge :slight_smile:

Frogging is when you have made a mistake and have to unravel several rows (rip it, rip it) or even the whole project. The story is … if you do it fast enough, it actually sounds like a frog … :slight_smile: