Love cables but I'm hating to knit them

I love how cables look and the fact that they add warm and variety to the knitted item, but, gosh I am having such a hard time knitting them lately… I mean I have done just a few projects using cables, so I am not the cable queen either… But as I try to keep the stitches as close together as possible to avoid holes where the cables are, I have to work really hard to reach the stitches!!! :noway: So at the end of each cabled row I feel exhausted!!! My hands hurt and everything:(
Has anyone here have the same experience? Any tips on this? I have watched Amy’s video and it looks pretty easy to just knit them effortlessly but when I try it myself, it is really hard.

i’m making the irish hiking scarf, found the cables are easier to do (and lack the holes) if i use a set of the ones with the cord between them (brain fart on what thehy’re called). that way there i’m not trying to support the two needles AND work the cable needle while worryinga bout stitches falling off.

Make sure to do the row just before you cable a little looser to make it easier. Also, don’t pull too much on the held stitches.

Humm knitting the row before a little looser sounds like a good idea! I will try it. Just hope it doesn’t make those holes I want to avoid. They just drive me a bit nuts :teehee: Thanks!!

The holes are pretty much the nature of the beast and you can’t avoid them entirely. The yarn is just pulled too much to make the cable. Consider it a design feature. :wink:

Also, you’re probably doing it correctly, but if you slip the cable stitches knit-wise, they are twisted and tight.

I’ve been working on a sweater with lots of cables with a very non-stretchy yarn and was getting very loose stitches between the end knit of the cable and the purl of the background, usually not a problem for me. I work that purl through the back loop on the front and the back loop when I knit it on the return row, and it has tightened them up nicely.

I’m glad to see I’m not the only one with cable problems. I either get a hole big enough to drive a truck through or they’re so tight they look like a mangled mess!