Love a Gorilla Day?

Has anybody heard of this? I was watching the news and the weatherman was doing the weather report. He was talking about how cold it was and said if you’re going to be out for any MLK day events to dress warmly. Then the map changes and over AZ it says “Love a Gorilla Day!” The weatherman didn’t say anything about it, but the next time he did the report it said “MLK Tribute Day!” over AZ, then the “Love a Gorilla Day!” thing popped up again. He still didn’t explain it. Seems like a goofy thing to have a day for to me, but whatever. :??

Isn’t that illegal? (not to mention dangerous) :rofl:

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

:shrug: I suppose it’s only dangerous if the gorilla objects.

I don’t mean to read something into that isn’t there, but isn’t gorilla / monkey / etc. a rather derogatory way of referring to black people, and isn’t this sort of the worst day to do that? Not that any day would be good…

I don’t know. That was just my reaction.

PurpleMittens, I saw it that way too. I hope it is just a local, non-racist, insider joke that I didn’t get.

Wow, that never occurred to me, but I’m not finding anything on google about this “holiday.” Was it a local station? I think that weather guy might have some explaining to do.

If it was on the blue screen, he might not have even known it was happening. He can’t see the map, that’s put in with fahncy technology, so it’s people at the station.

Google yielded nothing, but if it WAS a slur, we’ll hear about it soon enough.

Wow, I’m not one of those PC “race sensitive” people so that never even occurred to me. Surely not. I would hate to think someone would be that ugly.

Yeah, same. I assumed they were talking about, you know, gorillas.

I thought the same thing. I read that and thought, ‘gosh I really hope it was an accident and not someone being a butthead!!’

I hope it’s not a real day, I have no love for gorillas ever since that one flung poo at my first grade class field trip. I managed to come out of it unscathed but the kids who had to ride back with me had gorilla poop all over them.

OMG, really?! I don’t know whether to laugh or not.

OMG, really?! I don’t know whether to laugh or not.[/quote]

Go ahead and laugh, I still do, but I still hate those things. The funny thing was my poor mom who was a chaperone was trying to clean kids up with a pack of pocket Kleenex she had in her purse. 34 years has not eased the hate I have for monkeys. :roflhard:

:roflhard: I bet your mom hates them more! :shock:

That’s what I thought too. :shrug: :?? Not that I don’t like gorillas.

:muah: :hug:

Nadja xxx

I’ve heard about the poop phenomenon before, but never knew anyone who experienced it first hand. Glad you can laugh about it. I can’t help but feel sorry for the gorilla, though. I’m sure it wasn’t happy being out of its natural habitat and on display for the amusement of humans.

Okay, you really got my curiosity up on this one. Did a google search on gorillas and Arizona. Here is what I found that might explain the “love a gorilla day”, over Arizona.

Arizona Sports Team Mascots
From Judy Hedding,
Your Guide to Phoenix, AZ.
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The Gorilla - Phoenix Suns Mascot
This mascot’s inaugural year was 1980, and for many he has become the standard by which team mascots are judged. The Gorilla travels the world, makes appearances all year long, many at schools around Arizona.
The Phoenix Suns’ mascot is sometimes referred to by the nickname “Go.” We all just know him as The Gorilla.

According to the Phoenix Suns Official Web Site, the Phoenix Suns Gorilla has been named MVP every season–Most Valuable Primate.

Sounds like a racist prank – but I doubt the weatherman is responsible. That would be incredibly stupid, and guaranteed career suicide. Some prankster in the studio probably saw the “on screen graphics” computer unattended and typed it in. Sounds like they fixed it quickly.

Sorry, but I found “love a gorilla day” offensive. Maybe it’s a '60s thing. You hadda be there.