Louisville ky knitters?

So I don’t anyone who knits here. I want some friends who knit!! I would to love have a stitch and bitch type of group. I can bring baked goods, I love to bake.

I’ve considered the SnB that meets at The Knit Nook on Bardstown Road on Thursday evenings (and maybe Sunday afternoons).

I briefly attended an intentional community group, Knit Together, which is part of the Covenant Community Church in the Clifton neighborhood http://www.cccoflouisville.org/welcome.html. I work with one of the women in that group, and I enjoyed it. I had a conflicting commitment on the same night that I hated to give up.

There are also quite a few people interested in knitting in the Louisville area on meetup.com. I expect all it would take to get something going there would be for someone to schedule a time/place and let people know about it.

Good luck! I’d also like to have someone to help me figure out the stuff I have so much trouble with.

Joe in New Albany, IN (across the river from Louisville)

Thanks for all the info!! :happydance:

hubby is trying to get stationed back at Ft Knox (where we met)…and if we do, then I’ll come knit with you :slight_smile:

Hey there…

A friend of mine at work is trying to organize a stitch n bitch in the Highlands area, I’ll let you know if it ever happens. I think that Sophie’s fine Yarn Shoppe over in the East End has knitting groups, too, but I never get out that way.