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I am starting this Lou Sweater project, and I cannot believe that I got stuck right away. Hehe

Using 3 mm needles, cast on 60 - 68 - 80 - 88 -
104 sts and work in k2,p2 rib for 6 cm, beg and
end with k3.
Q) I CO 60. Next row, I begin with K3, k2p2 till last 3 sts and end with k3. But I cannot have full end with ribbing before the end k3. And I am not sure what the 6cm mean. Does that mean the measurement length from CO?

Change to 3.5 mm needles and st st; evenly dec 6 - 6 - 8 - 8 - 8 sts in 1st row [54 - 62 - 72 - 80 - 96 sts].
Q). Dec methods use k2tog?

Inc on each edge: on foll 6th rows, inc 1 st 14
times, on foll 4th rows, inc 1 st 5 times [92 - 100 -
110 - 118 - 134 sts].
Q) Does that mean total inc sts on 6th row is 24 sts and 4th rows is 10 sts? I really confuse why the pattern said 6th rows first then 5th?


The rib will start with k3, then k2p2 so effectively you’ll start with k5. You’ll be able to k2p2 across ending with k2 before the last 3sts so the end will be k5.
Yes, 6cm is the measurement from the cast on.

Yes, k2tog or p2tog will work on the dec row.

Increase one stitch at each edge on rows 1,7,13,19,25,etc up to row 79 (that’s every 6th row) then one stitch at each edge on rows 83,87,91,95 and 99 (that’s every 4th row).

Ahhh… I thought I was doing wrong. Not sure why my mind kept thinking the k2p2 must have full 4 sts before ending k3 end.

Thanks Sal

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