Lotus blossom tank

I did it. with special help from suzeeq. :cheering:

hope it doesn’t stretch too much this time.
[SIZE=1]Q: for things aren’t really blocked when they’re done, how do you wash it without it growing sizes?


that is really pretty! and i love that blue color! I refuse to block because I am lazy, so have no info on that, but what a great lookig top!:muah:

When you wash it, gently squeeze the water and whatever you’re using for soap through it. Squeeze the water out of it when you’re through with the wash and rinse, don’t let it dangle. Then roll it up in a big towel and put it on another towel to dry flat.

Cute top. I like the lace.

That’s really cute on you.

Lovely top!

Very, very cute!

I hope to make this myself one day. Yours looks great, and I love that shade of blue. Well done!

That is really beautiful! The detail on the lace is gorgeous and it fits you perfectly. I checked out the pics on your blog and the close of the lace is gorgeous! Heck, all of your work is awesome :mrgreen:

That’s such a great sweater!

Nice job!!!:cheering:

:cheering: :yay: :cheering::yay::cheering:

very nice!

Very pretty!! :happydance:

This is a beautiful tank top. I love the blue on the picture.