Lotsa spindle questions?

After reading things online it seems that the spindle I have is (2.2oz) good for spinning worsted-bulky yarn, right? If I want to spin fingering-dk I need a spindle that weighs less, like 1.3oz or something right? Is the entire spindle weighed or just the whorl? Then my other question is can I spin any wool fiber on either spindle? or are there specific fibers that work better on each? And final question, should I seperate my roving or just use it as is for both spindles?

Yes, you can spin worsted on a 2.2. You can also spin any size singles and ply together later to make the weight you want.

No you don’t need a lighter spindle for spinning fingering or DK. A lighter spindle would be used if you are spinning finer fibers.

The spindle weight is the spindle as a whole.

You can do either with the roving. I would at least predraft it by pulling it open some, as I get better control that way.

Sounds like you are really getting the hang of it there!:cool:

I think that an experienced spindler can make most yarn weights on almost any spindle, but for me, I would use a lighter spindle to make fingering weight. A lighter spindle means you can spin it faster, putting more twists per inch into the singles, which is necessary for thinner yarn (like fingering weight)