Lotsa Socks

I’m new here (not new to knitting, but didn’t realize there was a forum on this site). I’m kind of addicted to socks and have made 2 pairs and started a 3rd in the last month, so thought I’d share them!


Welcome to the Knitting Help Forums!

Those are beautiful!

That last ones are my favorite.

Good job!

:thumbsup: FANTASTIC!

Thanks y’all!

Welcome! So happy to have you here!

I’m having socky jealousy here! :smiley:

Don’t be jealous! Give it a try! Hee hee, very addicting!! I hated wearing socks until I started in on hand knit ones. Oh la la!! And, though I’ve heard it’s not stylish, I wear them with my Doc Marten Mary Janes! Heh heh! Cuz I do what I want to do!!

replied too, so I can try out my new sig

Great job - and welcome to KH!!

Nice work! They look great! :cheering:

You GO Girl!!

Oh, and cute socks too!!!

I finished one of the “Falling in Love” socks (the last pic with the ‘in progress’ sock) and it doesn’t fit!! I’ve never done a short row heel, and maybe I didn’t do it right or something, but I can’t get my foot in past the heel!! Grrrrr! Also the foot part is really long and strange looking…so guess I can use it as a dusting rag or something! I really prefer doing top-down socks anyway (although that pattern had a really interesting toe with no seam)