Lots of yarn cheap! Yea!

My second graders at school (I teach art) are doing “wacky weavings” right now and I love to use novelty yarn because they have so much weaving with it. My friend who is also a teacher at my school went to a craft store we have in town (Crafts 2000) this weekend and they were having a huge sidewalk sale where you could stuff a bag for $20. She got over 70 balls of eyelash, ribbon, and boucle. She added up the price and it was over $200 but that was the already marked down clearance price. She really got probably $400 or more for $20 :woot:

So I pulled out the good stuff :teehee: Like the moonlight mohair and some patons sparkly stuff and now the kids will have yarn to weave with for years!

:woot:That’s wonderful!!!

wow that is fabulous!!! great job by your pal- and that project sounds like a winner with the kids.